Week 2.1: Introducing Me

I am a teacher (obviously). I don’t consider myself a particularly old teacher, although the first year of teaching counts as 10 years of experience in my opinion! In my career so far, I have taught Grades 5-12, taught multiple subjects, and taught in both public and private schools. I have also taught overseas in an American international school.

Now, you can see my main purpose in writing this blog on the “What’s It All About” page, accessed by the links at the top right of your screen. But personally, I write this blog as a way to reflect, to consolidate and learn from my experiences, and to not forget the way that a teacher develops throughout their career. So basically, this blog is therapy (Fish are friends, not food).

I also write this blog because I want to be your Dear Abby, should you ever need one. Send teachingismadhard@gmail.com an anonymous email without specifics about where you teach, and I will respond with empathy, suggestions, or resources. Email a blog post about a teaching issue that is important to you, and I will share it. Write your own blog, and I will share the link and like your page. Teaching is MAD hard, but everyone has the power to reach students in a profound way, and I am here to help in any way that I can. Put your frustration out there where it will do some good – by helping another teacher not get into the same situation you found yourself in.

I have felt sad and alone at many times in my teaching, and if you simply need a fellow teacher’s recognition for what you are trying to do, I am here for that too.

So use this blog as your own, and use the information in any way you like!

Next week, we’ll start a very involved two-parter: VIP’s: Very Involved Parents!

Extra resources? It may be that the only extra resources you need this week are your amazing coworkers. Or your diary. Or your therapist.


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